Good Grief
Notre Dame Magazine
Autumn 2017

For the Sheer Fun of it
Notre Dame Magazine
Spring 2016

My Childish, Unhealthy, Joyous Obsession with The Moviegoer
Coming to the realization that loving a good book doesn't make you a good person
The Atlantic 
7 Mar 2014

All In Due Time
Notre Dame Magazine
Autumn 2014

This is Not About You
Notre Dame Magazine
Summer 2013

Happiness Is
Notre Dame Magazine
Winter 2009

The Bad Boys of Summer
Reconsidering Jim Bouton's Ball Four
New York Times Book Review

1 Oct 2000

Game Dad
When fatherhood means acting like a five-year-old
July 2004

The Sin Box
Why have Catholics
stopped lining up at the Confessional?
Slate (17 Nov 2005)

Thanks but No Thanks
Religion's place at the Thanksgiving table
19 Nov 2007

Get Lent
Protestants do the
sober season
28 Feb 2006

Walking Tall
Why world leaders love cowboy boots
July 2002




All the Rage
Navigating the Age of Anger
Utne Reader
Nov/Dec 2007

Roman Holiday
Understanding indulgences
The New York Times Magazine
14 Mar 1999

His Imagination Ran Wild
How landscape architect Alfred Caldwell brought
the prairie to the city
The Chicago Reader
17 Dec 1998

Diamonds in the Rough
A season with a Chicago softball team
April 1999

Da Bears
Why the ’85 Chicago Bears never won again
October 2000

Wild in the Streets
Tracking the wily coyote
with a latter-day trapper
July 2000





The Siamese Twins
On Darin Strauss’ novel Chang and Eng
The New York Times
Book Review

4 June 2000

The War on Christmas,
the Prequel

When the holiday
was banned
21 Dec 2005

The Plot
Against Philadelphia

A supersoldier defends the Liberty Bell
The New York Times
Book Review

2 Jan 2005



A Brief History of Living Room Furniture in Naval Warfare
McSweeney's Internet Tendency
9 June 2009